Certifications Support CustomSoft’s Work: Jose Angel Reyes

Certifications Support CustomSoft's Work Jose Angel Reyes

The software development company’s chief executive officer affirmed that these certifications allow many contracts both with the Mexican and American governments.



Mexico / 09-04-2019 14:08:40

Jose Angel Reyes, CustomSoft CEO, affirmed that an efficient way to support your work and earn the trust of current and possible clients, is to get your company certified.

Reyes noted that in CustomSoft’s case certification is completely necessary, given that its area of expertise is focused on intangible activities such as software development, and the company must have the proper tools to do so, because the ability to win contracts and bids and other objectives depends on this.

“There are tools to solve this type of dilemma. We are talking about certifications made by international organisms such as CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), which was developed by Carnegie Mellon University and is required for many contracts both with the Mexican and American governments,” the CEO asserted.

Reyes also said that this methodology is used to implement process improvement in projects, areas or companies. For CustomSoft, it improves software development and maintenance processes.

“The most important thing about CMMI is that it allows us to objectively demonstrate to our clients and prospects the maturity of our software product development processes. We have certifications such as: PMP, ITIL, Certified Ethereum Developer, TOGAF, CISM, Scrum, among others,” Jose Angel Reyes emphasized.

Lastly, the CEO noted that CustomSoft has been constituted as a software factory for over 15 years, and that thanks to the Level 3 development certification they got in 2014 and renewed in 2017, they increased their client portfolio.

“We are currently in the process of Level 5 certification, which we expect to achieve in the second trimester of next year. Even though there is a lot of work and resources involved, we consider it to be a necessary investment,” he concluded.




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