Digital Fingerprint, Current Key Technology: CustomSoft

Digital Fingerprint, Current Key Technology: CustomSoft

Jose Angel Reyes indicated that today, thanks to the digital fingerprint, cyber criminal identification is possible | Internet

The tech specialist believes this “Digital Fingerprint” involves different disciplines and technologies.

How exposed are we by using social media?

You can know someone’s habits, activities or work role by just taking a look at the user’s profile or posts, even when the person is using some kind of privacy security.

This process of checking posts that we do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., in opinion of Jose Angel Reyes, CEO of CustomSoft -cyber security solutions company-, brings us to the concept of Digital Lifeprint or Digital Internet Fingerprint, which refers to the digital trail we leave when accessing the internet and to our interactions in it (searches, photos, likes, transactions, streaming, etcetera).

To the tech specialist, this “Digital Fingerprint” involves different disciplines and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, which facilitate strategic application development, “some are key in challenges like fighting organized crime and national security protection, as well as fraud prevention”.

Jose Angel Reyes indicated that today -thanks to digital fingerprint-, it is possible to identify cyber criminals and locate possible gangs by cross referencing information from different databases such as the National Electoral Institute, the police force and financial institutions, among many others. “The good news is that the government is taking the first steps by implementing open standard and data access policies. There is probably a long way to go, but every marathon starts with the first step,” Reyes stated.





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