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Jose Angel Reyes, CustomSoft CEO, indicated that the current government’s savings and efficiency strategy must take into consideration that the National Digital Strategy favors cloud computing and applications developed with open source code.

In light of this, the executive officer commented that cloud computing in particular has more advantages than just the economic advantage, and is flexible enough to adapt to each institution’s needs, whether government or private. This technology can be used as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS).

“These three service delivery methods allow us to face a very important challenge that represents an enormous risk to government functionality: the updating/modernization of the different legacy systems that are still working in different institutions. We are talking about both hardware and software,” asserted CustomSoft’s CEO.

He also emphasized that these cases of outdated infrastructure have been happening for years in different private companies. In the case of government branches this situation is more alarming, because we are talking about decades of using platforms that lack support and do not have adequate personnel to handle them.

“In these cases we are talking about people that use them and do not have the knowledge to fix any flaws no matter how small. They are also using applications that don’t have management or user manuals or any kind of formal documentation, and that the companies that originally developed them very likely no longer exist. Many times it is easier and cheaper to develop them all over than try to understand how they were developed in order to modify them,” said Jose Angel Reyes.

Lastly, the specialist affirmed that even though it is an enormous undertaking that cannot be done from one day to the next and must be leveraged by technology that is flexible and robust enough for this type of updating/modernization, it can be achieved more gradually and in a more controlled way together with a complete digital system transformation strategy and above all, based on open platforms that will not become obsolete in the short of medium term.

“All this and more can be provided by cloud computing, deriving in a savings system that does not require a large initial investment, because it is paid according to its use, as is the case of CustomSoft,” Reyes concluded.



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