Blockchain, Useful Technology for Fighting Corruption: CustomSoft

Blockchain, tecnología útil para el combate a la corrupción: CustomSoft


Blockchain is certainly a key player in business growth and government transparency, according to CustomSoft -a company that creates solutions based on this technology, as well as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud computing and Software Factory.

“Taking advantage of the benefits this technology gives us today, translates into having tools that make our everyday life easier.” said Jose Angel Reyes, company CEO, when giving Blockchain as an example.

Speaking for CustomSoft, Reyes stated that given this technology’s unique characteristics (integrity, inmutability, security, reliability and managed information traceability), companies can have the added benefit of enhanced projects such as supply chain, digital security, commerce, payments, piracy fighting and healthcare, among others.

Reyes indicated that with Blockchain, a transaction’s status can be known (purchase/sale, payment, process, information access). This allows the user to always be aware of what is happening: who is making the transaction, the associated amount, the reason it is being made, who has seen or is able to see it, and whether someone has changed any of its characteristics, with the certainty that everything will be 100% safe and reliable.

As for the government, Jose Angel Reyes commented that Blockchain can become the key technological element in corruption fighting, because it allows the implementation of processes such as citizen digital identitiy, procedure automatization, accountability, public purchase audit, external commerce transaction traceability, among others. These procedsses have the clear purpose to fight corruption and make accountability transparent.

It is worth noting that both in Mexico and internationally, there are already projects underway that integrate Blockchain technology. The challenge will be to make the most of the potential and real capacities of this (relatively) new technology.



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